Today I will being going into RD”s office to work on his clients. I like that time, it really makes it easier to focus on his work. I need to be prepared early and have food ready for the day so that I’m not stuck hungry or thirsty.

I’m not certain what to write here, but I feel as though it’s best to just let my thoughts flow. Best to get it all out in a brain dump, why hold back? Get use to writing and centering myself.

That is one thing that writing does for me, it allows me to center myself. Brings me back to now and forces my mind to focus. While you’re writing, even just for the length of a sentence, you have to focus entirely on that sentence and nothing else as you write it.

I’m here in RD’s office. There’s a lot on my plate, new tasks and things I need to finish up that I already have in ASANA.

RD’s Office, my chair center picture.

A lot comes at me at once, here’s what just came in:

  • Post job descriptions for sales copy writer and another for full time outreach expert.
  • Get Coax Connector Company on the phone, get the approval and campaign setup
  • PPC service agreement finished for “Big Project”
  • Redo Landing Page for Exit Strategist PPC Campaign

Just went through Asana and checked off a lot of tasks, that feels great. Now I’m getting these new tasks in. Ok, new tasks in ASANA. I’m feeling really overloaded right now. Ton of stuff to do and where do I even start? I get like this quite often. Thank gosh it’s only 10:30 in the morning and I have most of the day ahead to get these things done.

Do let’s prioritize. Most important thing: The Big Project. I need to work in one clauses into the service agreement: 6 Month  Minimum Period, Kill Fee for Early Termination of Agreement, and Automatic Renewal unless Canceled in Writing.  Let’s do that now.

I worked in those terms, but we’re marketing 2 businesses in this one project. I’m being told to set each up on their own account with the exact same targeting. So we’ll be competing against ourselves. I’m a bit concerned as this can lead to higher CPC and in my opinion one business will end up losing. I’m suggesting to drive the traffic to one landing page and having the visitor call whichever location they want.

Job posts created for the copywriter and outreach pro. I also got the information I needed for the campaign structure. Calls for both locations will be directed to one receiving call center so we’ll be setting up both locations under one campaign under a duel brand.

Finished the final draft of the service agreement for the Big Project. I sent it over to my partner and let’s see what he says.

I think I’m going to take a little break for a bit and meditate. I was going to say play video games, but I think meditating for 11 minutes will serve me better.

11 minute meditation done. I feel physically relaxed and tired now, maybe a bit dizzy. Let’s have some tea! Went with Coffee instead, dark roast.

Let’s get on this landing page for RD’s client. It’s 2PM now, it was at this time that I even started to get to work yesterday. I am tempted to play some video games on my phone. I think I’ll do that after I get this landing page done.

Here’s the template I’ll be starting with for this landing page:

This one is pretty good and obviously designed to for service based businesses. The primary feature is the countdown timer. This client isn’t exactly a home service company so I’ll be making a lot of changes to the landing page.

Important note: Need to get me current clients into the hands of my outsourcers. At the moment I have 2 outsourcers, both hungry for work. I have to get the clients organized with SEO Info documents, just like the new client.

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday! This week has gone by pretty freaking fast. First you got Monday, then Tuesday. Then you’re into it with Wednesday – Going right into Thursday. At Thursday you see the end already and before you know it it’s Friday. 5 short days.

Here’s the landing page after edits:

Dang, I’m good!

I’m waiting for testimonials from the client. If they don’t have any, I’ll replace that section with something else. It’s also worth nothing that the top bar is FLOATING, which means that as you scroll it stays on the screen.

I’m about to wrap it up here at the office. It’s about 4:15PM.

Checking the job posts, I have 1 reply so far after 3 hours. I’m actually surprised that I don’t have more.

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