I’m working through my book stock pile. Instead of just getting rid of these bad ass mother fuckers, I’m going to study them. This starts with a fantastic book I’ve had for some time called SEE YOU AT THE TOP by Zig Ziglar (RIP).  25th Anniversary Edition.

This book says that it’s the “How To” book that gives YOU a “check Up” from the “Neck Up” to eliminate “Stinkin Thinkin” and AVOID “Hardening of the Attitudes”.  Sounds like just what I need. 384 pages, this isn’t your daughter’s bedtime book.

So let’s get to it. Here’s my notes:

First off this is a revised edition, meaning they made some changes since the original publication. What changes you ask? They removed the stuff about communism! Don’t they know the red flag has just turned rainbow now! (He said Jokingly. You know, it’s going to be hard to write in a joking tone, I think I need to read some Dave Barry books to get a handle of how to write comedically.)

This book is about how to get more from life, your family, work and self by GIVING more in life. This is the end of being pushed around by little people who are complete dumb sticks, and allowing myself to be influenced by people that don’t know anything or even give a load for about me or what I want. Instead, to do whatever is the opposite. I was born to win!

Sadly, most people are too sophisticated to how their true emotions to the world. They don’t tap into love faith.

The main trick to life is to learn from other people’s experiences, not theories. Experiences is the key to truly learning what works and what doesn’t, and you save a lot of money by using other people’s experiences.

Stairway to the top:

  1. To open your mind, stir your imagination, and make you think. To arouse your curiosity and create a healthy dissatisfaction with your status quo.
  2. To identify the things you want in life and chart a course of action to get them.
  3. To arouse the sleeping giant inside you.
  4. To assist you in recognizing and overcoming your loser’s limps.

This is going to be great as I currently have to definite purpose in life right now. I need to identify what I want – truly want and not superficially want. I’m afraid that what I want now if different then what I wanted before. Before I wanted control and power, especially recognition and fame. Now I feel as though I want peace and serenity, which comes from inside.

Chapter 1 opens with a story about John Jones. He steps on a fortune telling machine and gets an uncannily accurate fortune with his name, weight, and the flight he’s about to get on. He gets so curious about it that he spends all his time thinking about it that he misses his flight. That is very much how I am at times, and Zig describes this as missing the good life.


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