I need created this blog and post to help me get all the jumble in my head out and sort it out.

It’s so vital to take all the stuff from inside your head and get it out onto paper. In this case, it’s a blog post. Maybe this will grow to something more, but primarily this is for me.

So far today I’ve gotten about 10 minutes of work done and it’s nearly 2PM. I’ve mostly sat at my desk and played games on my phone. Oh Epic Card Game, how I love you.

There’s three things I need to focus on – “The big project”, Client Work and MarketingPM.

“The Big Project” – Need to send over the service agreement. I draw this up in Docracy and send it over. I’m missing some information though, I have a clause that if I get theCost-Per-Lead below a certain amount, I will get a bonus. I need to confirm the amount.

The other person I’m working with already put up a sample campaign, let’s take a look.  Ok, looks like this campaign, that is not very well optimized, is pulling in a lead at about $250. I think I can definitely bring it down to $200/lead.

I originally talked with my business man about a performance bonus of an additional 1%, from 3% to 4% if we get the leads down to $300 or less, but it looks like he’s already doing it. So I messaged him to see if I can get a 3.5% set amount for running the campaign.

I’ll go ahead and draft up the service agreement based on this because I think it’ll work well.

Client Work – I have a million things to do there. Oy Vay.

  • Optometrist Client SEO – New client, needs to have everyting setup.
    1. Client Information Document
    2. Test and Save new logins.
    3. Send Information to Manish. (He’s in Charge of the SEO for this client)
  • Exit Strategist AdWords
    1. Need to redo landing page
    2. Send new landing page to RD (Manager)

Man, I am just do not into working on these things – but I know I already have the commitment and need to do it.

I also need to get these blog posts over to RD. Those should all be done, let me send them over now after checking. OK, blog articles checked and sent! This writing is working really well actually. Stream of thought – whoa whoa whoaaaaaa.

I am going to drink some water. I feel like I want to take a nap right now, I don’t know if I should though. I am going to drink a tall glass of water and meditate for 11 minutes. After I take the dogs out for a walk, that might wake me up a bit. Let’s give it a try.

I drank some water and took the dogs out. I do feel a bit better now, but still drained of energy. Another few minutes to be totally distracted from work, Star Realms has a new set out for their digital expansion! https://www.starrealms.com/cosmic-gambit-digital

Ok, Now I’m going to get the new Optometrist client up and running. This requires first setting up the client with a SEO Client Info Document. At this point, I need to be doing this into a training video.

Training video done for the account setup! Super simple really. I still need to edit it, I will set time aside later to do that. In fact, I need to create a task in Asana to do that, I’ll do that now.

Here’s a picture to give a visual reference to what I’m doing, very cool.

I’m going to run out and give a ride to a friend real fast. I feel a bit annoyed, but remember that I need to be of service to others. It’s important to think outside of my own selfish ways. Putting others’ needs first.

So it’s the end of the night now. I didn’t get to working on the landing page, in fact I’m still working on onboarding the new SEO client.

I spoke with my partner about the “The Big Project”. He’s a little uncertain about how long the client will keep with us, regardless of our performance. He also told me that the client hired an “IT” guy who’s a dick. Some things we can’t control, but we need to do well for the client and protect ourselves at the same time.

I’m drawing up a SEO strategy proposal for the client. I have to figure out my pricing, but I’d like to be able to drop RD and work nearly exclusively on this project.

This blogging really helped me get my head right, I think I’ll keep with it.

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