Another day, and it’s Friday already! Wow, where has the week gone? I don’t know, but it went fast. I’m so happy to have my blog now to recap on what I’ve done and what I still need to do.

I need to get the Optician SEO client setup today for sure. That is top priority. Yesterday I realized I didn’t deposit his check so I drove back to the office and looked through my “to shred” box and found it, unsigned and ready to be lost to the oblivion. Silly silly me.

So the first thing I need to do is get him setup. Let me find the text message that has all his passwords and test them first to make sure they work…

It turns out the Google login is NOT the one that has their business listing within it. Out of everything this is probably the hardest phase for most clients.

Making a quick call to the Exit Strategist for landing page feedback. Ok got the feedback and made changes.

In about 20 minutes I have a meeting with the guy who’s bringing in the Big Project. We’re going over candidates for the outreach pro and copywriter.

Man I am tired today. Physically tired. I am hot and just so tired. I need to do something about this heat, maybe I’ll start working in the office. Just so freaking hot. Or I need an office space. This is nuts.

I took my shirt off and I feel so much better now. So much cooler. This room is probably the hottest room in the entire house.

Ok, what am I even doing? Let me finish checking these logins.

We’ll end the day now.

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