Happy Monday everyone. I love Mondays, it’s truly the best day of the week.

Starting off the day a bit distracted. I want to create new business cards but I don’t know what I should put on them. Specifically, this target is about what I want to focus on. Marketing? Self Improvement? Nothing? I am having a really hard time picking a path to focus my life on.

I’ve gone over the possibilities a lot and the main thing that keeps sticking out is “dedicate myself to helping others”. It all fits in then, as long as I am helping and serving others it’s as if it’s not work any more. I have to keep reminding myself of this though, it’s really a new concept for the most part. Everything else has been for my own wants and desires. I need something to help remind me that I’m doing this for others. I’m living my life for others.

Whoa, it’s Tuesday already. At RD’s office and getting focused.

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