Justin Kunst, Digital Strategist

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I’m Justin Kunst, and I’m excited to share my marketing journey with you. Strap in as we embark on the path of my professional evolution in the world of digital marketing.

My journey began years ago, and each step along the way has brought me closer to becoming a leader and expert in digital marketing. It’s been an incredible ride, filled with challenges, learning opportunities, and moments of pure achievement.

Early Days: Building the Foundation through Freelancing

My story starts as a freelance marketing specialist on Upwork in 2011. Here, I provided expertise to clients, developed digital analytics solutions, content marketing and paid advertising campaigns. It was a fantastic introduction to the dynamic world of online marketing where I honed my skills and learned the importance of data analysis in improving marketing performance.

Driving Leads through SEO & PPC

My next stop was with a company that specialized in local SEO services, where I served as a Digital Marketing Manager. During this time, I collaborated with local businesses across various industries, from garage door repair to health and wellness. I developed and executed comprehensive marketing strategies, mastered Google Ads campaigns, and created high-converting landing pages. It was here that I truly understood the power of digital marketing in driving leads and conversions.

Stepping into Leadership

In my role as the Search Engine Optimization Manager at Amethyst Recovery Center, I took on the challenge of hiring and managing a international team. I led the remote team of writers and optimization experts, generating high-value leads and boosting organic traffic significantly.

This role was a testament to my ability to lead high-performance, cross-functional teams and achieve immediate and long-range strategic objectives.

A Strategic Shift

In 2021 I joined the team at Endpoints News as Digital Strategist. Here I headed day-to-day operations for digital strategy, focusing on social media, SEO, and webinar promotion. I created customized strategies to increase organic traffic and improve conversion rates, working with the IT and web development team to make a significant impact on the company’s growth.

Always Focused on ROI

My most recent adventure led me to LiveVox, where I served as the Digital Marketing Strategist. This role was the culmination of my journey, where I oversaw a wide range of digital marketing operations, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and employee engagement. I played a pivotal role in increasing organic traffic by 120%, ranking keywords from 6,500 to over 25,000, and manually building over 100 backlinks. Moreover, I improved conversion rates by as much as 100% through conversion rate optimization (CRO).

At LiveVox, I had the opportunity to bridge departments, implement generative AI tools, and contribute to diverse teams, showcasing my ability to lead and innovate.

Leading the Pack with Timber Wolf Advertising

Founding Timber Wolf Advertising in 2024, I set the direction of the entire company. I believe in a lean approach, utilizing technology to maximize output and reduce cost. Building on my past experience, Timber Wolf focuses on lead generation and direct to contact marketing. In a three phase plan to dominate the advertising scene, we will use Jacksonville, FL as the base of an international strategy.

Education and Certifications

My commitment to growth and excellence never wavered. Currently, I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communications at Florida State College at Jacksonville. This program equips me with the knowledge and understanding needed to excel in the commercial environment, covering areas like public relations, digital media strategies, crisis communication, and corporate social responsibility.

I also hold essential certifications, including Google Ads Certifications and Google Analytics Individual Qualification, further solidifying my expertise in the digital marketing realm.