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Justin Kunst, Digital Strategist

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This media kit is designed as a comprehensive resource for business and technology journalists seeking expert insight into what’s happening in the digital space. Justin Kunst is available for interviews, guest articles, and expert commentary on a wide range of topics, including digital strategies, the impact of AI and technology on business, and future trends in the digital space. For media inquiries or to schedule an interview, please use the contact information below.

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About Justin Kunst

Justin Kunst, CEO of Timber Wolf Advertising, stands at the forefront of digital innovation. With a career spanning over 25 years, he has dedicated his life to helping businesses grow with the internet, particularly search engines. Justin’s journey in digital marketing began with creating websites for local businesses, evolving into a leading strategist in corporate marketing campaigns.

As a respected voice in the industry, Justin has shared his deep insights into technology’s evolving landscape, especially the impact of AI on businesses and marketing. Justin has been featured on various platforms and websites in interviews and commentary.

About Timber Wolf Advertising

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Timber Wolf Advertising is a premier advertising firm known for its aggressive ad campaigns, creative thinking, and commitment to remarkable results. Under Justin Kunst’s leadership, the agency specializes in helping businesses dominate their online presence and achieve digital marketing goals through in-depth market research, strategy development, campaign execution, and transparent reporting. Timber Wolf Advertising is currently offering a Limited-Time Exclusive Offer – a Free Starter SEO Package – to new clients.

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