How to Use AI to Research, Personalize & Create Hyper-Relevant Content for Your Audience

How to Use AI to Create Hyper-Relevant Content: Research & Personalize for Your Audience

Are you looking to capture your audience’s attention? Look no further than RELEVANCE.

Relevance is the NECESSARY ingredient for connecting with your audience. It’s necessary for bringing your audience down your funnel. It’s what’s needed to make you popular.

Relevance in Digital Marketing is not a new concept. Since your grandpa wrote newspaper copy on his typewriter we’ve all known that you need to relate to your audience. What’s new is how Artificial Intelligence is helping you to UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE.

How do you make content relevant in the first place?

To make your content relevant you have to understand your audience and craft your message to their needs.

I love understanding my audience, but it’s time consuming to spend all day reading article after article. What if you had an assistant who could read all the articles and summarize the common topics between them. You do now. It’s called artificial intelligence.

The demographic data that you thought lay hidden behind paywalls are plainly laid at your feet. The window into your audience’s world becomes your drive through ATM teller because you’ve absolutely blown open the research pipeline.

What role does AI play in personalizing your campaign?

When personalizing your campaign, you can use AI to research and help craft your marketing message. It’s easy to be comprehensive and create well crafted personas.

What role does AI play in personalizing your campaign?

Buyer personas are like character sheets for your target audience. They are also called avatars or the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). They include demographics, motivations, pain points, and even hobbies. By creating a thorough persona you can literally picture the person you’re writing to.

Sample Persona with AI – ChatGPT Example

You’re thinking Justin, how thorough could an AI be when creating a buyer persona?

Let’s create a sample persona of you, the likely audience reading this article: a Digital Marketer. Tell me if you SEE YOURSELF in the following ChatGPT generated persona:

Buyer Persona: Digital Marketing Professional – America

Name: Alex Miller


  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Major city in the United States
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field


  • Work Experience: 7 years of experience in digital marketing
  • Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager
  • Industry: Technology or E-commerce
  • Company Size: Mid-sized to large organization

Goals and Motivations:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and techniques
  • Increase brand awareness and drive customer engagement
  • Improve lead generation and conversion rates
  • Enhance customer experience through personalized marketing strategies
  • Increase ROI from digital marketing campaigns

Challenges and Pain Points:

  • Keeping pace with rapidly evolving digital platforms and technologies
  • Managing and analyzing large volumes of data for effective decision-making
  • Staying ahead of competitors in a highly competitive digital landscape
  • Balancing creativity and analytical skills to optimize marketing efforts
  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and ethical marketing practices

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Attending industry conferences, webinars, and workshops
  • Exploring new marketing tools, software, and platforms
  • Reading industry blogs, news, and publications
  • Networking with fellow professionals on social media and professional forums
  • Engaging in continuous learning through online courses and certifications

Preferred Content Formats:

  • In-depth articles and whitepapers on advanced digital marketing strategies
  • Webinars and video tutorials demonstrating practical implementation of marketing tactics
  • Case studies and success stories from industry leaders and experts
  • Infographics and visual content summarizing key marketing trends and statistics
  • Podcasts and interviews featuring discussions with industry thought leaders

Key Influences:

  • Industry-leading publications like MarketingProfs, Moz, and HubSpot
  • Influential digital marketing experts and thought leaders on social media
  • Industry-specific conferences and events featuring renowned speakers
  • LinkedIn and industry-specific forums for professional networking and knowledge sharing

By understanding the needs, preferences, and challenges of digital marketing professionals like Alex Miller, marketers can tailor their content and strategies to effectively engage and resonate with this target audience, ultimately driving their success in the digital marketing landscape.

– ChatGPT

I’m going to guess that it was somewhat accurate to you on at least half of the points. That was with only one pass, and using this AI generated persona for digital marketer, I can imagine Mr. Alex Miller, with his 7 years of experience.

AI for audience research

While the human mind is a vast and limitless expanse of potentiality, it is generally limited to reading or thinking about one thing at a time. Artificial intelligence can process vast amounts of data and find commonalities or patterns in data quickly.

Using Large Language Models (LLM) and generative AI you can put together a buyer persona rather quickly

Using Large Language Models (LLM) and generative AI you can put together a buyer persona rather quickly. Within the limitations of your prompt, AI can adapt its answers to be more specific to your needs. You’re able to get granular.

What is relevant content to your audience?

The relevancy of your content depends upon your searchers’ keyword and intent. For this, let’s look to the persona you just created with AI. Let’s imagine we’re writing content for Alex Miller. Based on our persona, he’s interested in staying up to date on the latest marketing trends, and he frequently reads in-depth articles. Makes sense to write this article on using AI to create a hyper-relevant content. Fourth wall blown.

Understand your audience through AI prompts

Your prompt is the text you put into the AI to get a response. The quality of your prompt depicts the quality of the output. A vaguely worded prompt will give you a general audience profile. A very specific prompt will provide you with a narrowly focused profile.

Here are a few good prompts you could use to create an ultra focused persona.

3 prompt templates to generate great audience persona profiles:

  1. Create a customer persona for a [Demographic] who is interested in [Interest/Hobby]. They are looking for [Product/Service] that can help them [Goal].
  2. Create a customer persona for a [Demographic] who is in search of [Product/Service] that can enhance their [Experience/Outcome]. They value [Quality/Feature].
  3. Develop a customer persona for a [Demographic] who is concerned about [Issue/Problem]. They are seeking [Product/Service] that can provide [Solution/Relief].

Take a moment to notice that you can get even more detailed then this.

Making your content relevant to your audience

Now that you have created your customer/buyer persona, you need to make your content relevant to your audience.

Now that you have created your customer/buyer persona, you need to make your content relevant to your audience

This is done by thinking about their biggest questions and problems. Step in through their eyes and think, “What keeps the person I’m writing to up at night?”

If you can craft content around that, you’ll be much more likely to attract and retain your target audience.

The four steps to write relevant content with ChatGPT:

  1. Think about Who You Want to Target – You did this previously by creating your target persona with ChatGPT. Get a good picture of your target person in your mind. What they look like, what their day consists of, what their goals are, and what problems they experience.
  2. Make Your Prompts Thorough – Craft a prompt to research and produce content that will appeal to your target audience. The more thorough and detailed your prompt, the more likely you will get back results you can easily work with.
  3. Give Feedback and Further Instructions – Use ChatGPT and other AI platforms in a conversational way. Expand and rewrite paragraphs to get more details. You can give feedback and ask for the output to be modified, saving you a lot of time and effort.
  4. Digest and Rewrite Your Content – After you produce the content, don’t just copy and paste it to your blog. Digest the information and rewrite it with your personal touch. Your audience will appreciate it and your content is much more likely to rank on search engines if it’s not completely written by AI.

Conclusion: AI makes creating personalized and hyper-relevant content easy!

AI does the research for you, gives you ideas to write about, and can help you craft your message to appeal to your audience. What more do you need?

ChatGPT and Bard will continue to revolutionize the way you do market research and other important tasks. Leave a comment below with your questions and comments, I want to help!